We provide qualified personnel to carry out field marketing projects. An opportunity to let brands meet people directly in B2C and B2B channels. Here is a brief description of our inexpensive but highly effective ways to get your customers’ attention:

Interaction with people 100%
Data collected by viewers 97%
Positive feedback 90%

The most traditional forms of marketing are two-dimensional, but we can give your customers importance to a multisensory experience through street food, improvised singing improvisation or person-to-person interaction with one of our street teams.

Every person in your street is an ambassador of your brand. While we are on the road, we work for your company. Our goal is to become a consumer, to tell you how fantastic you are, to bring your company to a whole new level of social shareability.

The use of Promoted Sales Solutions through Promoter is a surplus on product perception and opportunities for differentiation. We manage the promotion of indoor products in every commercial space to make the shopping experience more engaging.

We offer solutions for the design, construction and management of end-to-end exhibition stands. We study powerful and seductive stand concepts that incorporate all the values ​​of your brand.

We are always looking for new stimulating ideas to make your potential customers interact to give them an unforgettable experience. This type of promotions makes it easier to distribute advertising material or collect data because people will line up to participate in the experience.

Roadshow communicates the value of a product to a very personal level. By interacting face to face, customer customers can experience a 360 ° brand. The brand has the opportunity not only to show the goodness of the product but also to evokea sense of trust among consumers (brand loyalty).

In-store, fairs and events

Organization and promotion of every event in a complete way: we provide hostesses and promoters for trade shows, events and corporate and commercial events of any kind. We are also able to help your company in its advertising distribution activity on the road or in specific contexts.


We work 100% to meet and exceed their expectations, providing them with the right weapons to compete in their target market.